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Mammal-less Mondays

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

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Here at Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes we’ve noticed that “Flexitarian” is becoming a very common term these days.  More and more people are opting to eat less meat for a variety of reasons.

Some of us have ethical concerns with farming practices.  We worry about the processes by which the animals end up on our plates. There is also a growing awareness of the enormous cost our planet must pay in the production of animals for food.

Health is another driving factor, less saturated fat, more heart healthy oils, fruits and veg.  Awareness of where our food comes from and the impact it has on our health and enviroment are all great reasons to strike a better balance.

Trying meatless, Mammal-less Mondays is a great way to test out a meal that derives protein from another source.  Nothing radical!  No grazing, no scavenging for fruits and berries, just think of something nutritious and meatless and start your week out on a healthy, planet friendly note.

Try not to think of it as deprivation but rather, a whole new chapter in culinary experiences.  Explore new foods and flavours. It comes with a lot of benefits.  We’ve talked about health and environment but you may even drop a few pounds and save some money if you do it right.

Keep it simple. To quote well known author, and NY Times writer, Michael Pollen, “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”

Like us on FB!!  We’ll be posting recipes and links to help you make your Mondays Mammal-less. Let us know how it’s Going!  Bon apetite!

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Morphing into a Vegetarian Diet: What’s Right for You?

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011
Each individual has their own reasons for converting to a vegetarian diet. Many base their decision on ethical concerns for the environment and/or animal welfare. Others base their choice on religious, political or cultural beliefs. Economics is often a deciding factor for some since vegetables, legumes and grains are less expensive than a diet that includes meat and pre-packaged highly processed foods. Others may become vegetarians due to health concerns such as allergies and food intolerances.

Plant based diets are varied. They come in many different forms. Here are some of the basic categories that one may find themselves in.

Vegetarians: Follow a plant based diet with the exclusion of meat, poultry and fish. Some vegetarians exclude eggs and dairy while others still indulge in the odd cheese omelette. Recipe to follow.

Flexitarians: Eat a largely plant based diet but will include fish, red meat or poultry on occasion. This diet is becoming more and more popular. People are increasingly aware of the cost to our planet of eating a heavily meat based diet. Not to mention the health concerns around eating antibiotic laden meat.

Pescetarians: Adhere to a diet composed of plant foods, with the inclusion of fish.  (Sometimes called pesco-vegetarians.)

Pollotarians: Include poultry in a largely vegetarian diet. (Sometimes called pollo-vegetarians.)

Lacto-vegetarians: Incorporate dairy into their plant based diets.

Ovo-vegetarians: Incorporate eggs into their plant based diets.

Lacto-ovo-vegetarians: You guessed it!!

Vegans: Consume only unprocessed foods from a plant base. Honey and other foods from animals are excluded. As too are clothing and other items that originate from animals such as leather and wool. (Voted Most Popular by non-humans worldwide.)

No matter what form your plant based diet may take, be it wholly or partially plant based, vegan or flexitarian, I think it is safe to say it gives one pause for thought. Consciously choosing what we eat requires us to live with more awareness. Instead of numb mindless consumption many of us are choosing what we put on our plates based on a desire to strive for balance, health and the ethics with which we choose to live.

What is the right path for you? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!!

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